Are Singaporeans doomed when it comes to seeking a better life?

A lot has been said on the issue of foreign talents in Singapore. This is something that has gone on for decades, as far as I can tell. The voices of discontent are just louder when times are less rosy.

I’m not here to add to those heated discussions.  Why flog a dead horse? However, an interesting thought about economically mobile professionals crossed my mind the other day.

Foreigners want to come to Singapore because there are exciting opportunities here. Their pay would be the same or almost higher; yet the taxes lower. Their jobs tend to be easier, I think. After all, when you can manage a free market size that is say 25million, what’s a highly controlled homogenous size of 4million? And it’s hard to find foreign talents who work the hours Singaporeans do. Their life is more comfortable with a maid, more convenient, safer, and even more exclusive. And their status? Oh, definitely higher.

Singaporeans migrate or want to go to these foreign shores for the same, sometimes even lower pay, higher taxes for sure, less convenience and a more challenging marketplace. They tend to work harder than the locals either because they are used to or because they need to prove themselves. And their status? Unfortunately lower.

Says something doesn’t it?