As the sub-headings say – these are my observations and grumbles on things. Well, grumbles may be a little strong. More like opinions 🙂

Figured I should provide a key to the abbreviations I’ll be using since the following may be mentioned from time to time:
TH = The Husband
BDE = Best Dog Ever
TF = The Father
TB = The Brother
IL = In-Laws
SIL = Sister-In-Law
BIL = Brother-In-Law
And MIL and FIL is probably evident now

And to provide some context:
– I live in Singapore and I’m a Singaporean. Not quite sure what being a Singaporean means but that’s for another space.
– I currently have a few projects running and also devote a good amount of time to pet therapy work.
– Before my great freelance adventure, I was project manager for a company that provided integrated marketing solutions but I’m not a marketeer.
– I belong to Generation X.


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